Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Time For It To Come Out...

Welcoming in Saturday, with a massive
*Woo Hoo*
Enjoyed a little lie-in + a little play with the gearstick....👅
We visited the "Feckenham Wake"
Walked through the graveyard..
 There were some nice cars on show..↓
 Even had time for some coffee..
(Hubby had the cake!) 
 To make the most of blue skies, 
Time to light the chimney for tea...

Friday, 23 June 2017

Time To Boogie...

At last, time for some Friday Feeling....
A little bit of the Friday Madness for the first part of Job 1.
Popped to town for a little upgrade of my earrings..
Was going to have a picnic in the local park BEFORE Job 2.
However it was way too windy...
So I had in my Sexy Beast instead...
I gave out the Gold Lunchtime Stickers for those children that has been, good, helped, and had good manners this week.. for Job 2.
Just before I started to do the final part of Job 1.
A Diamond bus broke down in front of me....
The fun I had!!
Just about finished in one piece..
After the 4th Job tonight...
Time to kick off my steaming hot roller boots,
 and enjoy some Boogie Time into the weekend \o/ 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Picking Of The Cherry!

At last the temperatures has gone down ↘↘↘
 It threated rain 🌦
But it kept off....\o/
Counting down to the Friday Feeling...
The stickers are being sorted out for  Friday Funday tomorrow..
The Cherry 🍒 earrings came out..
Speaking of cherries...🍒
The cherries on our Cherry Tree needed picking....
Pick a Cherry or two...

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

One Hot,Sweaty Hump!

Welcome to a hot sweaty hump of the week..
It was getting hotter by the minute..↗↗↗
I was dressed head to foot in white
(Trying to keep cool!)
Those Big Big Sunglasses came out..
So did the water!
 It was getting well warm to do afternoon shift of Job 1.
 Some of the parents asked if I was hot enough in my lumo coat?
I replied:
"I have baby wipes inserted where baby wipes are not supposed to go to keep cool....!"
Tumble bush moment..
I carried on:
"Hubby will have to remove them later....!"
After finishing in one piece,
 The temperature went up a bit more...↗↗↗
 Even with the sun going down..↘↘↘
It was still was 27c...!!!
Hopefully the temperature will soon go down ↘↘↘ 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Time To Sweat Some More...

As soon as I got up,
I started to sweat...
It's going to be a hot hot hot again...
Factor 50 suncream was rubbed in, sunhat worn and those big big sunglasses came out...
Even had a bottle of Redditch finest water to keep me cool....
 I was given the look of love 💞 by a car driver who I told off for parking on the zig zag lines..
Oooo I could feel those shooting daggers being thrown at me....!
My fanclub is getting bigger by the day...
After such a hot,sweaty, bothersome day...
Time to my

Monday, 19 June 2017

Ice Ice Baby....

Back on the wobbly work wheel in the sunshine....🌞
It's getting hot.....
Time to B3↓
One nice coffee and plenty of chat....
Could the temperature go any higher? ↗↗↗
 After 4 jobs..
It was time for a cold, wet lolly in the shade!


Sunday, 18 June 2017

Treating Our Superdads.....

Welcome to Father's Day...
Hubby was spoilt by our kids...
 ↓Even my dad got spoilt!↓
(My 2 brothers were being slow visiting our dad as normal!)
The temperature went up...↗↗↗
The 50 factor suncream was being rubbed in..
There something going on around the near-by lake..
Found something I could use later....
 The hotter it got....
Time for a cool down in the shade with...
 The fireman was showing us their ladder..↓
 Time for the bikini and paddling pool to come out!....