Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

It Came Down Once More...

Welcome to my Hump of the Week...
What a difference of 24 hours....
No sunshine, only heavy rain to deal with...
Green wellies time....
Dried out at
Coffee and toast to enjoy
Larry enjoying the rain...
Back to part two of Job 1.
The heavy rain came back at 2.50pm.
I didn't have no time to put on the wellies
Squeaky wet trainer time!
By 5pm the sun came out..
 Then I heard the news about the tragic events that happened in London.... :(


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Bringing Me More Of It ....

Woke up to bright sunshine and blue skies!
 The big big sunglasses had to go on,as the sunshine was so bright...
More chaos,bedlam and madness while doing Job 1.
One parent was banging her gums as I wouldn't start BEFORE my actual time to start.
 Had to break in the new mop and bucket this morning....
Made the most of the sunshine, 3 loads of washing was out drying in the back garden.
I didn't take much notice of the black rain clouds that was gathering over the house when I went off to do Job 2 .....
Good job I have got a tumble drier....

You Can Never Tell When You Shop Around!

Welcome to my Monday...
Goodbye to sunshine 👋
 Hello to the horrible wet weather.☔
Before my coffee and chat, 
I had a look around the store...
Kids lunchbox = £9!!!
Mop with handle = £4.50!!!
Went for my coffee and chat
 Saw a load of people while I was in there.
  1. Previous customers, I delivered their mail 
  2. One ex-worker from my old Job 2
(No love lost seeing her again!!)
Got soaked going back to Larry.
Next stop to Asda.
Kids lunchbox= £1.50
(that's better!)
Mop with handle = £2.50
(even better)
Good job Larry could handle the shopping..
 Saved a bit of money by shopping around :)
Even had blue skies towards the end of the day...
Could it be time for those big sunglasses to come out tomorrow???

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Using Every Second Of Sunday...

Action packed Sunday....
Hopped on the train to Birmingham
We used up the voucher that my son got for winning "Chef of the Year"
We had a lovely 3 course Chinese meals for 4 people for free...↓
Burned some of the meal off
Walking back to catch the train back.
 Once back home,
Time to tidy up the garden!
↑(that's the leaves sorted)↑
↑The front lawn has been mowed↑
↓Back onto watching a good boxset.↓👀



Saturday, 18 March 2017

So Small But Loveable!

So much for a bit of Saturday Love..💗
No chance!💘
Done little bit of work...
Then off to Bridgnorth to rehome
 two gerbils called Tom & Jerry
Hubby and I cleaned out their cage.
One son doesn't do teamwork,and went off in mood.😖
The other son planted all the plants I bought yesterday.⚘💮
Going to use my warm hands on hubby later,
As Hunt for Red October has now left port for another month...\o/

Friday, 17 March 2017

Not Forgetting Larry....

Now to break open the much needed bottle of Friday Feeling..
Bedlam,chaos and madness described the morning shift of Job 1.
One parent said to me:
 "You are brave not to wear any leggings, as it was far too cold for bare legs!" 
 Later on I relaxed with coffee and chat at..
 I got some flowers to make the front of the house look lovely
 Larry wasn't forgotten about....
Only because Larry loves Milk Tray
There was plenty of room in Larry for the flowers....
 Just forgot to buy some compost :(

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Yellow Stickers Galore!

Where has the sun gone?
Cloudy,overcast, and cold.
I went on a  food shopping trip with Larry.
 Loads of reduced food I bought.
I had a upgrade on my trainers...
(As I have holes appearing in the old ones)
 Now to break them in...