Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Sharing More Than The Water!

Welcome to Tuesday FunDay.
Enjoyed sharing the king size bed with hubby at last...\o/
Still having trouble with my left shoulder :(
Got back down the stairs in one piece.
Once the house was emptied...
couple of episodes 
Law & Order
Then I got picked up.
Coffee & Chat time.
Gave her the present for Friday..
 I had some lovely slimming world soup for lunch :)
I was dropped back.
My kids had some lucky bags..:)
I needed some good mood music...
What better?
Some Rock'n'Roll music.....🎸
A little bit of singing too...🎵♫♬♪🎶
Chop Chop time
 Out comes the posh plate...
Going to try and have a shower for the first time in 2018.
I might be joined by a warm hubby....
With his warm hands


Monday, 15 January 2018

Mounting The Apples & Pears

Back on the wobbly talking wheel.
Got up early for wee visit↓↓
We had some fun trying to find the tie for school....
Lots of foot stamping,shouting and crying.
After a warm hug, he calmed down.
The house was then quiet.
Now for a nibble..
I had a friend visit for chat and coffee.
He gave me a lovely present of...
(I still have a video recorder)
Wrapped up a birthday present for Friday
 Now to give the mouth battery to charge up.
Carrying on to the last DVD of....↓↓
I am visiting another friend tomorrow,
For more chat and coffee...
I finally got upstairs after nearly 3 months being downstairs....
Back to sharing the Kingsize..... 

Sunday, 14 January 2018

The First One Of 2018

It was back to separate beds again.
Me in the single bed.
Hubby in the king size bed.
Once I can mount the stairs...
He will be mounted...
The king size bed that is....↓
 Went out for a smaller ride...↓
 Now to enjoy my first Dunelm Experience of 2018!
 Pom Pom wreaths £15...
 1st Dunelm coffee of 2018↓
 Making the most of getting out of the house and the sale....
 Hubby wheeling the shopping trolley back to the car ...↓↓↓
 More nice ideas for our bedroom..↓↓
 Bumps into a good friend and chats for 20 minutes.
Made her son blush...
Gets home to unpack all my goodies!
 Puts my fresh herbs away in the new herbs saver...
Added the apron...
 Making a spicy lamb curry to keep the cold at bay.
As everyone knows me,
It won't be a mild curry....;)

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Just Enjoying The Rides..

We had a go on sharing a single bed on Friday Night/Saturday Morning.
(Very tight squeeze, but we did it ;)) 
Later on,we had another ride....
(And had free coffee at the end) 
There was a nice car parked in the car park.
Once shopping was unpacked.
It's catch up of reading...
 Nice healthy tea to eat...
 Now to watch more of series 6
Going to have my first Dunelm Experience coffee of 2018 tomorrow....
Woo Hoo... 


Friday, 12 January 2018

Jumping In.

Time to jump into the vat of Friday Feeling
 The boot got put on...
 All ready for my daily dose of Law and Order
 Nibble time..
 I had some left overs from last night.
I added a tin of tomato & basil soup.
dash of Italian cheese.
 Didn't do too much walking about with the kinky boot today.
Don't want holes appearing on the sole of the boot...
Going to enjoy my Friday Night watching more of season 6.


Thursday, 11 January 2018

Dishing Out The Chocolate...

Went to bed early, woke up too early!
Mouth battery was on full charge.
I have a friend coming round for chat and coffee.
Someone had raided the biscuit tin...:(
Out came the chocolates instead..
 Had a good yak for 3 hours!
Mouth battery goes back on charge..
Time to chop chop
 Out comes the posh plate..
Soaked my feet...↓↓
Moving onto Season 6..
So glad I can have some Friday Feeling tomorrow....
Need it a bucket load of it!